Hydraulic power Unit

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Understand the function of the hydraulic power unit

The following video shows an animated basic hydraulic system with its circuit. Ater watching the video you should be able to answer the folling questions:
A1: What is the pumps only function?
A2: When pressure rises up within an hydraulic system?
A3: What is the function of a pressure relief valve within an hydraulic power unit? How does it work?

  • 0:00 Introduction Hydraulic Power Pack
  • 0:38 Components and its function within the Hydraulic Power Unit
  • 1:58 Hydraulic Power Pack working
  • 2:42 Function of the Pressure relief valve
  • 4:07 Hydraulic Circuit with a cylinder as actor
  • 4:53 Some words about Maintenance

In the following the detailed circuit symbol of a hydraulic power unit with its components:

Hydraulic Power Pack - symbol

Hydraulic Power Unit - symbol

In the following, the following components are described in detail:
- Hydraulic pumps
- Pressure relief valve
- Filter
- Hydraulic oil
- Pracise: Record the flow characteristic curve