How to programm a robot

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Methods to programm a robot

The following video shows the online programming methods `Teach-in`,` Play-Back`, as well as Offline programming. Subtitles are to be activated above the bottom "Settings".


Let´s have a look how this robot is programmed by the play-back method (also called lead-through) which is typically associated with continuous path control. The programmer leads the robot manually within the desired path regarding the orientation of the robot-hand. At the same time the control stores the current position and orientation of the tool center point periodically, that means after certain microseconds.

The advantage hereby is: Even complex paths are can easily be programmed with few skills in programming. You would use play-back to appliance such as spray painting and contour welding.

Teach-In- Programming

Here the robot is positioned to the desired points by means of the control panel, also called teach panel. When the operator gets the desired position and angle of the robot hand, the operator can saves these coordinates within the position list by pressing the Enter-key.

Due to security reasons the robot can be driven in this operational mode only in slow motion. Because the operator works within the workings area each control panel must be equipped with an emergency bottom and deadman's switch. Typical applications therefore are spot welding and pick-and-place.

Offline – Programming

Here you can sit in your office. The movements of the robot are simulated within a virtual 3D environment. Even possible collisions can be recognized already in the phase of simulation. All programming commands are available. Once the program is written and simulated you just load it to the robot control. In the first run the robot should move in slow motion.

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