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Exercise 1

With the help of a hydraulic press, a load of 80 kN is to be lifted. A force of F1 = 200 N is applied to the first piston with the diameter of 30 mm. Calculate:

  1. The required diameter of the load piston in mm
  2. The piston stroke d2, when the fist piston has a stroke of d1= 400 mm.
  3. The pressure within this pressure system in bar and Pascal.

Exercise 2

In the hydraulic brake system shown below, the brake pedal is 30 cm long. The piston on the brake pedal has an area of 5 cm2. The two brake pistons have a diameter of 50 mm. Calculate the total force which brakes the wheel!

Hydraulics - exercise on Hydrostatics

Hydraulics - exercise on Hydrostatics

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