Flow valves

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Hydraulic Flow valves

Hydraulic flow valves can be distinguished in throttles, orifices and flow control valves. The function of these components is to control the speed of the actuators (motor, cylinder). Unlike throttles or orifices, Flow control valves can control the volume flow and therefore the speed regardless of load.

Hydraulic Flow Valves overview - different Types

Hydraulic Flow Valves overview - different Types

  • 0:31 Overview hydraulic flow valves
  • 1:12 Function of simple throttles
  • 1:43 Volume flow within the system
  • 3:30 What´s the difference between throttle and orifice?
  • 4:25 Pressure compensated Flow Control valve
  • 5:56 Positive and negative load or: Location Flow Control valve
  • 7:48 Examples hydraulic circuits with flow valves