Classification robot

Classification robots

Robots can be classified by their main axis. Furthermore the kinematic defines also the workspace.  The following compilation should give you an overview:

NameMain axis, workspaceFigure
Linear robot
PPP robot - Classification robotPPP Kinematikcs symbol - Classification robot
Gauntry - Classification robotPPP Kineamtics symbol2 - Classification robot
Due to the mechanical stiffness of the L(linear)-axes gantry robot are well suited for transport tasks over long distances. In addition, since the floor area is free. Metrologically translational axes are easier to handle than rotary axes. Thats why t-axis can be very accurately positioned. Applications of this robot therefore are: SMD-assembling machines, loading and unloading robots, etc.
RPP robotRPP symbol - Classification robotRPP robot - Classification robot
Here two translational axes are following the rotational axis. The first T-axis determines the height of the working area, the second T-axis determines the range of the effektor. The advantage is the relatively large range and the high speed at which the robot can rotate around its own axis. These robots are used mainly for loading and unloading workpieces on machines.
RRPRRP symbol - Classification robotRRP Robot - Classification robot
This robot can also work "overhead". If the third linear axle is realised as a telescope, this robot has a large range. This robot is often used for point and simple arc welding.
proper name:
SCARA (Selectice
Robot Arm)
RRP SCARA symbol - Classification robotSCARA robot - Classification robot
Due to its rotational axes of the robot is able to swivel rapidly to the side. Mechanically stable in the vertical direction the joines can be provid high forces. These robots are often applied to assembly tasks.
proper name: articulated
robot or Universal
RRR symbol - Classification robot3R robot - Classification robot
With three rotational axes of the robot has maximum flexibility, can operate over head and even complex paths can be driven. Application for this robot are for example complex assembly tasks, arc welding, etc.
Delta-robotSimple mounting and pick-and-place