(English) WORLD-Coordinate System

(English) Robot - WORLD-coordinate system


Robot - WORLD-coordinate system

World Koordinatensystem - (English) WORLD-Coordinate System

Robot world coordinate system

The WORLD-coordinate system is a  cartesian coordinate system for describing the location of the points within the workspace. The coordinate systems
'BASE' and 'ROBOOT' base to the WORLD-coordinate system.

                      Coordinates: P(x, y, z)

Advantage:    Detailing the points in WORLD-coordinates is simple. Linear movements can be programmed easily.

Disadvantage: Ambiguity - that means that a certain position can be achieved with a plurality of axial positions. This is concerns especially jointed-arm robots.

robot ambiguity - (English) WORLD-Coordinate System







robot coordinate transormation - (English) WORLD-Coordinate System

The coordinate details also have transformed into joint coordinates. This implicates a high computational effort for controlling and a major programming effort for the producer control unit.

Fig.:  Transformation of coordinates cartesian to angle

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