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Check Yourself!

A fan should run (Q1 = 1) when the main switch is actuated (S = 1), the temperature sensor (bimetal) reports overtemperature (T = 0) and the motor is running (S2 = 1). Which logical function can be applied to this task?

PLC Ladder 2

PLC Ladder 2


Which statement about the function of this PLC program is correct?

PLC - 2 from 3 circuit

PLC – 2 from 3 circuit


Logic NOR


Which logical function is represented in this truth table?


The output should only switch to state “1” if only one input has a logical “1” at a time. Which logical function do you have to use here?


Which statement about the following logical function is correct?

Interlocking Outputs in PLC

Interlocking Outputs in PLC


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