Operating way valves

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Direct and indirect operated way valves

The principle is clear: An indirect operated way valve is switched via a pneumatic control connection. But this also means that a pneumatic button itself has to be installed.

On the other hand the directly operated directional valves  has a push button (if manually operated) or an actuating roll or something similar on the valvebody itself.

Pneumatic way valve direct and indirect

Pneumatic way valve direct and indirect

Advantages of indirect operation:

  • Cylinder can be mounted away from the switch, that means also that long connecting lines between the way valve and cylinder can be omitted. As main lines have larger diameters than control lines it is more dificult to install them apart from the worse efficency. Under certain circumstances, this may affect the responsiveness of the cylinder.
  • Switching forces can be applied from the way valve itsself. This can be useful even for short distances when bulky cylinder (port bigger than R 1/2 ") are used.
  • Logic valves can be easily mounted within the control line

Clip: Indirect pneumatic operation