Three-phase asynchronous motor – Read motor nameplate

3-phase-induction motor plate - the most important informations (according to IEC 60034)

General information

Motor plate 3 phase induction motor

Motor plate 3 phase induction motor

  1.   Shaft power P in kW with a nominal load
  2.   Power factor cos φ
  3.  IP- International Protection , also called Ingress Protection, classifies and rates the degree of protection of casings and enclosures.  and water by   The IP code is indicated by 2 numbers: First number: Degree of protection provided against intrusion, second number: Protection against water.
  4. Nominal rotational speed
  5. Rated voltage and electrical connection. Here, the motor may be connected to delta at 400 V mains voltage.
  6. Phase current at nominal speed
  7. Rated frequency
  8. Insulation class - specifies the thermal resistance of the motor winding.


Which statement about the specifications on the motor plate is correct?


Work order: Calculate the necessary electrical power, the torque and the efficiency at nominal range from the specifications of the motor plate shown above!

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