Rectifier Diode – Exercises

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Rectifier diode - Exercises

Diode - Exercise 1

Diode – Exercise 1

Given is the following circuit with a silicon rectifier diode. What is the voltage and current as specified? The forward or knee voltage of the diodes must be taken into account.


Diode - Exercise 2

Diode – Exercise 2

Given is a very simple rectifier for a DC motor. What is the minimum reverse voltage for which this diode must be designed for at least if the input voltage is 110 V AC?



Work order: Coke dispenser vending machine

To relieve the bartender, you should develop a cola machine. You have four buttons as shown to make your choice.
The control should be developed with as few diodes as possible.

Application Diode - Exercise Diode - Decoupling of signals

Application Diode - Exercise Diode - Decoupling of signals

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