Robot gripper

Mostly used robot grippers

 The grippers are effectors for gripping workpieces or tools. Workpieces which can be gripped by this jaw-gripper can on the one hand be small electronic components, on the other hand extensive heavy body parts. Pneumatic, electric or hydraulic (for large forces) grippers are available.

The Two-finger-gripper, also named as jaw-gripper, as shown on the right - is suitable for rectangular workpieces.robot 2 finger Gripper - Robot gripper

Robot 3 Finger gripper - Robot gripperIf cylindrically workpieces, even with different radius, are to be gripped, you would use a Three-finger gripper. Pneumatic grippers are often used here.


Due to its number of joints, the Joint gripper can adapt itself to its workpiece. Thus, it is also possible to hold workpieces of dirobot grapper gripper - Robot gripperfferent sizes and shapes with only one gripper. 



robot suction gripper - Robot gripper
Suction grippers are suitable for smooth, large workpieces. The surface should be clean, also the weight of the workpieces is limited. The main application of this gripper is to grasp window panes.


Electromagnetic grippers are suitable for extensive thin sheet metal. These plates can have different dimensions, bores or recesses.electropneumatic gripper 1 - Robot gripper