Movement pattern (Interpolation teqnics)

Robot interpolation - InterpolationPTP: The TCP is moving the fastest way to the target position.

LIN: The TCP moves within a straight line to the desired position.

CIRC: The TCP moves within a circular path.

The fastest movement pattern is the so called ´PTP´. But for accurate moving PTP is not applicable because no straight line is driven. The movement pattern ´Synchro PTP´ harmonizes the speed of the fast moving axis to the speed of the low moving axis. The movement patterns `LIN´ and ´CIRC ´require high computing power, because all drives of the axis have to be coordinated to each other.

robot axis speed - Interpolation

fig.: robot axis speed - Synchro PtP

Moving to reference position with tolerance- Why?
Overriding position with tolerance - Interpolation

In this picture as shown the point P2 is not hidden exactly but achieved within a permitted tolerance.

Advantage: The robot has not to be slowed down completely. That implies less attrition and short-time cycle time.




Exercise: Classify the following moving patterns as shown!

Robotics moving pattern - Interpolation